Mother’s Day Gift 2018

Who wants more dying flowers for Mother’s day?!

Who wants some chocolate that will make you feel guilty?!

Who wants another “sterling silver” necklace that you might wear for a few months?!

Not me.

Now, who wants a gift that keeps giving? Who wants to invest in their marriage and spend a night away with their husband?!

Me! And you?

Join my husband and I for a Marriage God’s Way Conference this Mother’s Day weekend!

We would love to have you and we know that God will use it to bless your marriage and help you two to become one more than ever before! Come and learn the biblical recipe God has laid out in His Word to give you a joyful marriage.

Be sure to click on the book image below to check out my husband’s five star book on amazon! This is the book the messages from the conference are based on.

Not local? No worries! The conference is located only 20 minutes from the airport!

To find the best deal on the hotel check out THIS SITE!

AND it just went live on GROUPON today! So grab this good deal and come hang out with me May 11th and 12th!

On facebook? Be sure to check out the event page here and click going!

Can’t wait!

Wondering what my husband’s teaching is like? Below is one of my favorite messages from him on parenting!