About Katie LaPierre


This is my precious family! From left-to-right:

  • Chloe (1)
  • Johnny (6)
  • Me, and I’m pregnant in this picture with our sixth child Noah
  • Rhea (9)
  • My husband, Scott
  • Ricky (7)
  • Charis (3)

I am passionate about women having an eternal perspective in a world that distracts us toward the temporary constantly.

On this blog I will talk about frugal living, mothering and marriage.

My husband and I got out of debt a few years ago on just one income! I have a passion to share our frugal ways. I was not always frugal. I was the opposite. I was indulgent and wasteful. The Lord has sense changed my heart and I look for ways to be frugal and save money for His glory and my family.

I will share lots of PRACTICAL advice here on how you too can be frugally minded and get out of debt. If you are already out of debt I will share with you great ways to save money.

If we can do it on a teacher’s salary and then a pastor’s salary as well as lots of kids, I know you can do it too!

If you want to get started on something immediately I highly recommend this book:

God used this book to start transforming me from an indulgently minded mama to a frugally minded mama.

Be sure to also check out my husband’s blog! He recently authored a wonderful book on marriage and has lots of good stuff on the bible and godly marriage.

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